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Need more of them

I was lucky enough to grab one from the Beta store, but I haven't seen any available since then.  We've just pulled fiber and put up AP's to a *very* remote location.  (By "very remote", I mean that atomic bomb blasts just outside this town probably would go unnoticed by its residents.)  Power outages have spanned 10 days, and we're putting a relatively uniform power box at first, second, third, and fourth hop legs of the network.  Can we expect to see these released or at least more in the beta store in the very near future?  We're hanging antennas now.


It seems like an excellent box for a UBNT network like this, and I'd much rather use these if possible.  We're beta-testing a lot of things in this network, so it would be appropriate to beta-test more EdgePower's.  We could probably use ten of them pretty early on.

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