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Weird DC PSU status.

So my DC PSU is acting really weird.  Note the battery voltage.




Now look at the log.  Its re-assuring that every once in a while it does show the correct voltage.  But most of the time it's wrong.


The DC-PSU is connected to a TYCON battery charger output.  I will go measure the voltage with a volt meter to check next time I'm at the site. 



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Re: Weird DC PSU status.

I just noticed this same issue showing 1.26V on my 48v bank. It occasionally flashes 49.9v but most of the time shows 1.26v. With my meter it shows 50v to the plug and if I monitor amperage with the meter from the PSU to the battery bank it shows it has positive amperage going to the batteries so it is charging. I think it is a GUI glitch but it doesnt seem that UBNT is very active on this side much at all to chime in. 


I wish there was a bit more development on the firmware but from what I have read we shouldnt expect an update until Q2 at the earliest next year. Its kind of disappointing, this product has some promising features but without support we cant rely on it for our sites. 

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Re: Weird DC PSU status.

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Claude... I have several doing this aswell. I verified batteries are charged... I am concerned this could led to site power down when on battery

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