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1.3.0 firewall and invalid packets

after upgrading to 1.3.0 the firewall suddenly detects all packets from one vlan to a host on another as invalid. It is from multiple hos on the source vlan, anr on one host on detination vlan. (Trying to connect to a raspberry pi og http, https and ssh)

This appeared after upgrading, and was not present in 1.2.0. Turning off the firewall rule to block invalid packets makes everything work (Rule is from defined on inbound interface on a vlan).

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Re: 1.3.0 firewall and invalid packets

We store 2 images, so you can quickly go back to the last image and see if the issue goes away.

set system image default boot

 Then reboot.   It would also be useful to see your v1.3.0 config.

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