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Assistance with backhaul link

I am currently using an EdgeRouter ER-Pro8 In Load Balancing Mode, I have eth0 connected to my first ISP where I have the modem locally installed. eth1 I would like to bring in a second link but it will have to come in wirelessly. I have a location where my second ISP connection is located. About 4miles away and I have LOS between building and tower. I have chosen to use 2 AF 5 XHD's w/ 23 dbi Ant for this link. 


How would I configure the router eth1 port and radios to accept the wan link coming from second location?


Total noob question, and I think I am working to hard to come up with a solution as to why I have decided to ask this great community.



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Re: Assistance with backhaul link

Hi @jplstoner,


If you need any help with the AirFiber setup, I recommend to create an additional topic on the AirFiber forums. Regarding the EdgeRouter, the eth1 interface needs to be configured to match the settings the ISP is offering. This can either be a static address, or assigned through PPPoE or DHCP. 


Hope that helps!





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