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BGP and Edge Router Pro

Greetings! Our business is new to the idea of BGP and in trying to request IPs from ARIN, we are being told that BGP is a prerequisite. We figure having another connection there in case one fails isn't such a bad idea, but we aren't well versed in BGP setups. I am curious to see if anyone here would allow us to pay them for consulting with us to help us get started with BGP on the ERP, and to answer some questions on what kind of setup we will require, such as how many ERPs will be required to handle this.

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Re: BGP and Edge Router Pro

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BGP is pretty straight forward and ERPro has plenty of memory to handle it. Will you be peering with multiple networks or just one? Feel free to send me a private message or email me at matthew.holder AT jivetek DOT com if you are looking to have it done for you. 

Otherwise, I am glad to help here as well (as are others).

To answer your question: One erpro is required to announce your prefix to your upstream provider via bgp. More... depending on the size of your network and how many peers you are connecting to.

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Re: BGP and Edge Router Pro

You will of course need cooperation from your upstream providers as well.