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Bug: Basic Setup Wizard doesn't enable PPPoE IPv6 option when DHCPv6 PD option is switched on

I've just been writing up some instructions for using an ERLite-3 with my ISP, and I'm delighted that it's almost entirely possible to just use the Basic Setup Wizard now for IPv6 configuration. There seems to be an omission, though, which is that it doesn't switch on the IPv6 option for the PPPoE connection even if wizard's DHCPv6 PD option is switched on.


That manifests in the PPP logs as something like:

rcvd [IPV6CP ConfReq id=0x0 <addr fe80::0203:97ff:fe27:c000>]
Unsupported protocol 'IPv6 Control Protovol' (0x8057) received
sent [LCP ProtRej id=0x2 80 57 01 00 00 0e 01 0a 02 03 97 ff fe 27 c0 00]

and was fixed simply by doing:

set interfaces ethernet eth0 pppoe 0 ipv6 enable

so I assume the wizard should be doing that itself?