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Carrier like presence on the edge.

I have been given a project to light up some apartments with internet access.  There are about 250 units in various buildings. The local carrier is taking months to get a unit up and running. The propert manager is requesting that we provide network access for all the units coming from a single fiber connection from another carrier. We are building a distrobution network of fiber to the buildings and will have either fiber tor copper to each unit. We have outdoor enclosures and found the switches we need for that. My question is with the core. I am either going with this one switch I found or a couple of the 12SFP+ +4.10Ge Edge switches.


Since I will only have a couple public IP addresses to use for all these units, each unit will have their own wireless router like most end user configurations. So I am looking at 250 potential subnets under my core router. I was looking at the EdgeRouter Pro and was curious if it had this carrer class capability. I was told that Dynamic NAT and ALG NAT was the key to making this work.  I am using a Juniper ACX 500 at a similar location that doesn't have a temperature cotrolled room, so that one needed to be temperature hardened. But this one I will have my own room. I was curious if the EdgeRouter Pro was capable and if anyone has setup a similar configuration and what things I need to make sure of.