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Compiling MIPS binary to run on Edge X SFP

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i´m trying to build a runnable version of the program "p0f" by Michal Zalewsky. 


The tool is used to scan for rogue NATs (resellers) and TCP fingerprints behind a LAN.


Since i don´t have any MIPS machines available, i went and ran a qemu MIPS debian image and compiled the tool...  when i try to run it on the Edgerouter, i get  "./p0f: cannot execute binary file".


Maybe i used the wrong flags to build the bin.??.

Are there any console tools on the Edge X that embed similar algorithms as p0f?


What flags should i use so the bin will run in the ER-X?




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Re: Compiling MIPS binary to run on Edge X SFP

There are some threads around the forum about this, I found this with a search: