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Configuring ER PoE Inter LAN traffic



I would be grateful for pointers on how to configure an ER PoE to allow inter-LAN routing, as i assume this is the issue i am having.


Router setup is as follows:


WAN on eth0

LAN1 on eth1 via ES 24 Lite (192.168.1.x, wired connections, including home office desktop)

LAN2 on eth2 and eth3 (WLAN 192.168.2.x, wireless connections via two UAP AC PRO, connections include a wireless printer).


Issue is that the desktop computer in the home office on LAN1 can't find the wireless printer on LAN2.


How can I configure the router to allow the desktop on LAN1 to discover/see the wireless printer on LAN2 while at the same time retaining some assurance that no other wireless devices on LAN2 can communicate with units on LAN1? Ideally I would like to minimise the risk of having the desktop infected by compromised wireless devices resulting from childrens' over eager clicking on any random links.


Apologies in advance if question is convoluted or not expressed clearly. A networking professional I am not.



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Re: Configuring ER PoE Inter LAN traffic

barring any firewall on the ER, it's already configured to do what you want.


Things to check:


1. That windows firewall isn't getting in the way

2. The printer actually supports full printing via TCP (UDP).  Many cheap printers do not (they expect / require the PC on the same LAN as the printer).

3. If the printer is OK with full TCP/IP, check that the driver is the right one (typically the generic / CD / "simple install" download doesn't include the LPD / JetDirect / etc. driver that enables proper / full IP functionality)

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Re: Configuring ER PoE Inter LAN traffic


... some assurance that no other wireless devices on LAN2 can communicate with units on LAN1?


As mentioned in a previous reply, routing should be enabled by default.


To block some of the default routing you might be able to use "established" and "related" firewall rules. I have written an ERX setup guide which use these rules. Being relatively new here, I don't know if your EdgeRouter model supports these rules or not. If it does support them, you could use the concepts presented in the firewall sections, but maybe not the details.


The guide is offsite and is discussed at:


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