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Connecting 2 buildings.

Ok So I want to connect 2 buildings via 2 nanobeam AC pairs and loadbalance the connection to maximise throughput and redundancy. (See diagram) any help would be great!2019-02-07_16-06-35.png

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Re: Connecting 2 buildings.

honestly I would do the same thing you are proposing but if the buildings have clear LOS and are with in 1500 meters I would use Mikrotik wireless wires, More bandwidth and pretty much no interfrance, and price will be about the same as well
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Re: Connecting 2 buildings.

I have this setup in a test enviroment but i cant seem to ping both sides of the link, not sure what i am doing wrong.

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Re: Connecting 2 buildings.

This is a routing/switching configuration so I am moving it to Edgemax since your diagram implies you are using an Edgerouter.

The airMax devices will operate as a wireless ethernet run when configured in Bridge mode, since WDS is always enabled on AC products. As a result, all other configuration for your load-balancing can be handled in the routers and switches.

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Re: Connecting 2 buildings.

Hi @thelostcircuit ,


Use the Load Balancing2 setup wizard to set up basic load balancing and failover using two wireless links.


Take a look at the EdgeOS™ User Guide, page 75, Chapter 12, "Load Balancing2 Wizard"