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DHCP leases absent - ER-X @gateway, UniFi switch & 3 AP's

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I'm curious... I can't find any DHCP leases in my ER-X  for my switch + 3 UniFi AP's.


In the UniFi controller, the switch & 3 AP settings show they are set to obtain an IP by DHCP. I can also see their 4 IP's, which have been leased on the management VLAN


However, when I log in to my ER-X, either directly to the GUI, or through UNMS, there are no visible leases under the DHCP server for their management VLAN.


There's no other  DHCP server on the network/VLAN.


Any clues what could be going on?



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Re: DHCP leases absent - ER-X @gateway, UniFi switch & 3 AP's

If there are static-mappings for these devices, this is the normal behavior.