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DHCP on vlans



I'm struggling with an issue and need some advice.


I have a /26 net of public static IP adresses from my provider.

1 of these is configured as wan interface on ERL router.


I have 3 inside networks on different vlans. Two NATed through ERL; staff and guest. 

The third network is only a switched network directly connected to ISP.

I want to use ELR to act as a dhcp server and serve a range of addresses in my /26 network to so I don't have to use static addresses on all hosts.


Lets consider my subnet would be: /26

Default gateway at my provider is:

Wan on ERL: /26

Inside staff:

Inside Guest:


I create a vlan interface and assign: /26

And now I try to create a DHCP server for subnet: and start/stop-range


With this setup I get the following error message both in GUI and CLI:

DHCP server error: None of the DHCP lease subnets are inside any of the subnets
configured on broadcast interfaces. At least one DHCP lease subnet must be set such that DHCP server listens on a minimum of one broadcast interface DHCP server configuration commit aborted due to error(s).



Is there a way to acomplish what I'm trying to do?

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Re: DHCP on vlans

Could you try bridge WAN and the VLAN interface, put /26 under the bridge, no address under the VLAN and WAN interfaces


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Re: DHCP on vlans

Seems to be advice in the right direction =) Just tried it quickly and it seems to work, will test more tomorrow! Thank you!