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This is a pcap of a DHCPV6 Solicit I have taken from my ISP router, is there any way I can replicate this on the ERL3 ?

DUID Is possible, and I have seen this on the forums but what about the rest  :


set interfaces ethernet eth1 dhcpv6-pd duid 00030001e4xxxxxxxxxx

set Vendor class : neufbox_NB6VAC-FXC-r0_NB6VAC-MAIN-R4.0.35_NB6VAC-XDSL-A2pv6F039p??

set Identity association for prefix delegation ??


    Message type: Solicit (1)
    Transaction ID: 0x3edf4a
    Elapsed time
        Option: Elapsed time (8)
        Length: 2
        Value: 0000
        Elapsed time: 0ms
    Option Request
        Option: Option Request (6)
        Length: 2
        Value: 0017
        Requested Option code: DNS recursive name server (23)
    Client Identifier
        Option: Client Identifier (1)
        Length: 10
        Value: 00030001e4xxxxxxxxxx
        DUID: 00030001e4xxxxxxxxxx
        DUID Type: link-layer address (3)
        Hardware type: Ethernet (1)
        Link-layer address: e4:5d:51:34:xx:xx
    Vendor Class
        Option: Vendor Class (16)
        Length: 70
        Value: 0000a00c00406e657566626f785f4e42365641432d465843...
        Enterprise ID: SFR (40972)
        vendor-class-data: neufbox_NB6VAC-FXC-r0_NB6VAC-MAIN-R4.0.35_NB6VAC-XDSL-A2pv6F039p
    Identity Association for Prefix Delegation
        Option: Identity Association for Prefix Delegation (25)
        Length: 41
        Value: 000000010000000000000000001a00190000000000000000...
        IAID: 00000001
        T1: 0
        T2: 0
        IA Prefix
            Option: IA Prefix (26)
            Length: 25
            Value: 000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000...
            Preferred lifetime: 0
            Valid lifetime: 0
            Prefix length: 0
            Prefix address: ::