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DNSMasq as DHCP + iPXE + TFTP + Options Not Working

My ERL is running 1.9.0 and I want to set up a TFTP server to PXE boot. My FreeNAS has the TFTP server and that is working exactly as expected. It is serving up a iPXE file so I can bootstrap old PXE devices to a newer version that supports iSCSI booting. 


My issue becomes the fact that using the normal option (boot filename and server) I get stuck in an infinate loop of booting iPXE instead of my iSCSI target. There are many documented ways to get around this and I tested this by editing my dnsmasq-dhcp-config.conf file directly (just temporarily) to include the following lines


When I add those in my ERL config as DHCP global-parameters it adds them to my dnsmasq-dhcp-config.conf file but they are commented out and it has a warning above it

# The following 3 lines were added as global-parameters in the CLI and
# have not been validated

Now my iSCSI line will eventually change (I am in the testing phases) and I may even eventually boot a GRUB menu so I can choose which iSCSI device I want to boot from but for now what I have above is good.


Is there anything I can do that will allow my config to correctly enter the options I have above without commenting them out?


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Re: DNSMasq as DHCP + iPXE + TFTP + Options Not Working

Did you ever resolve this?


(That's a fun setup by the way -- isn't iPXE awesome?)