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ER Lite Bricks/will not boot after firmware update

Hey All


I have been recently updating a number of customer routers which we have connected via UNMS. I have been having issues with the ER-Lite. Going to 1.10.8


I was able to successfully update all the customers with the ER4 and ER8/Pro however of the five ER-Lite that I have tried upgrading 2 have not come back up after reboot. 


Usually this would mean sending the customer a config file, or someone from the office going to the customer site (if they are local) however this was not the case with these ER-Lite boxes. They seemed to be completely bricked.


I was wondering if anyone has experienced this, or if anyone from UBNT has any suggestions.


At the moment, I have stopped  firmware upgrades of the remaining customer ER-Lite units; of which there are another 20 or so.


Those units are currently running 1.10.5 or 1.10.6


Any help would be greatly appreciated. 


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Re: ER Lite Bricks/will not boot after firmware update