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ER8 Load Balance with NAS and multiple servers ?

Hello There to all of you ;

I would appreciate some advice from you concerning my future Home network that I'm setting up, being new to Ubiquiti.


// For the backstory : I've always struggled with my home network ; The Wifi from my ISP is random, the router is a joke, and my local network suffers from that. Inside of which, I have 2 servers, 1 Plex media server, and several items on Wifi, including 2 Plex client (actually, one is on LAN and the other on Wifi).


// This weekend, the ISP box crashed again. And when it crashes, I have to reset back to default the settings for it to work again. This is pretty annoying. So I took the leap and ordered several things :

- 1 EdgeRouter ER8

- 1 Ubiquiti AmpliFi


I would like to use the EdgeRouter to connect my things correctly ; Here's what I had in mind :


- Eth0 - WAN (I ordered my Fixed IP for that)

- Eth 1 - - Would be my primary subnet

- Eth 2-6 - Will be using those in the future.

- Eth 7 - - This would be the Amplifi subnet


Now, I've got several questions if you don't mine :


- I have a Synology DS1815+ acting as a backup server. I'm currently using it with LACP and Failover (3 LACP + 1 failover ; It has 4 Ethernet ports). I understand that the Edgerouter doesn't really do LACP but Load balancing/Bonding/Bridging. In each exemple that I saw, the load balance was set on WAN connections, and Bondig/Bridging is not recommended in the ER8 since it's software based ; So, if I'm correct ; It's not possible to do load balancing with the NAS directly connected to the ER8 on Eth5-6, right ?


I do know this is pure nonsense, and that the proper way to do this would be to connect the Eth6 to a switch, which would give me the LACP function ; But if I connect my Plex server and the other server on the same switch, I will be limited to 1 gb/s connection from the outside... And I do notice some struggle when the 3 are on the same switch because of the traffic in/out (which is actually the case up until next week... I hope...).

Now, maybe it's the switch that's not good enough (Netgear ProSafe 24p w LACP), but this seems odd to me....


Also, I could use one subnet per server, but this would be a NATmare (.... got it ? Man Very Happy). And not very practical... right ?


If this is truely not the way to go, what would you recommand ?


- And finaly, that's actually purely knowledge-based : Is there a  way to use WOW/WOL with the ER8 ? It would be cool to wake some equipements from outside ; Since I didn't saw anything about that, I'm asking.


Thanks A LOT for your answers ; I can't wait to set up these bad boys !

Have a nice day all ;