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ERX Time to connection established

Hi Guys,


i have an ERX with an additional old Netgear Router as Wifi AP. The AP is separated in its own IoT subnet. 

My problem is, that the time to connection (IoT device to AP/router) is relatively slow and has sometimes extreme connection times. 

They really don't seem that high, but with my IoT devices running off battery, its actually a really big issue. Several Seconds trying to connect is wasted energy. This is the time where most energy is consumed.


I have connection times (iot device connected to the network) ranging from 3 seconds to 10seconds  leaning towards 3 seconds on average. (actually i set a hard limit on 10seconds for connecting. For transfering, it can be as much higher). 


Naturally, everyone would first think its an AP issue. I tested this. I was running a Netgear N-Connection but i swaped to a WRT54. 

There is literally no change at all. Connection times seem to be dependend on the Router not the AP itself. 


Since i was so sure it was because of the APs, i tested out some other stuff before: 

  • Static IP via IoT device
  • Static Lease via Router
  • DHCP lease 
  • enforce Wireless N Standard both on AP and device
  • Having the device literally next to the router. 
  • Increasing the AP transmission power.

These changes too made literally no difference. So am leaning towards the edge router to be the problem. 

Connecting my PC via ethernet takes some good 10 seconds too until a connection is established...



The iot device is an ESP8266. Others have no problem archiving connection times below 1second to their router. 


Thanks in advance 

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Re: ERX Time to connection established

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@Voxis wrote:

 The iot device is an ESP8266. Others have no problem archiving connection times below 1second to their router. 


So what makes you think it is the ER instead of the ESP8266?  Especially if the ESP8266 is starting up or even returning from deep sleep.


Take a look at Andreas Spiess' #58 ESP8266 Sensor runs 17 days on a coin cell/transmits data to and

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Re: ERX Time to connection established

If you haven't already,  try setting authoritative enable on your IoT DHCP pool.