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Re: EdgeMax rescue kit (now you can reinstall EdgeOS from scratch)


The configuration for the boot cmd is stored in another partition, it is not affected by the bootloader upgrade.

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Re: EdgeMax rescue kit (now you can reinstall EdgeOS from scratch)

@BranoB wrote:

For those who have problems with the EMRK script, here are ERLite-3 and ERPoe-5 dd images I've created from default un-modified firmware. Images are from 2GB USB stick, so you may want to re-size the 2nd partition for bigger sticks after the install.


md5sum 635838d09e78e13810bafc06f818d7d9 71MB

md5sum 44cc11a37d43354bfec9e8b519072ae9 79MB

md5sum 5081fbb391e5c3c77994ea3345184bf1 81MB

md5sum d57ad1fe4504002d831cf835318127ad 81MB


Hi - I just wanted to add my thanks here & confirm for other that these images work perfectly.


I used the 1.9.0 image and wrote it to a Lexar "LJDV10-8GB-000-110" 8GB flash drive (which I had to crack out of its plastic shell so it'd fit) and it boots great.


I'd previously tried another image (filename "EdgeOS 4GB") that I found on one of these forums and that didn't work at all.


My ERL lives again! Man Very Happy

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Re: EdgeMax rescue kit (now you can reinstall EdgeOS from scratch)

After reading reports that some people believe the AC adapter to be the cause of the ERLite faults, I decided to look closely at the USB flash drive in mine. I've detailed the investigation I did here. In my case I found that the flash drive passed all tests, so I've put it back into service with a new AC adapter. I'll be interested to see if it has further issues, but I have some small flash drives on order that I'll set aside as backups just in case.

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Re: EdgeMax rescue kit (now you can reinstall EdgeOS from scratch)

The details in the OP got me up and running again.

I have no idea what went wrong.

I'm on the original internal flash drive, i've not checked it's integrity, but will do if it happens again.


I run my unit on off grid directly on the 12v system, so it sees voltages from 11.1 to 13.8, this should be a non issue for a modern switch mode powersupply.


I fo have my unit grounded with the provided tag, i might ordinarily be too lazy to but it happens to be near my electronics work bench which has points for earthing.


Hopefully i won't have to do this again, but if i do at least i'm familiar with the process.


I'm no networking pro, just a keen prosumer, but if anyone in Australia has a similar issue and not the clues or equiptment to give this a go then message me, might be able to work something out.

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Re: EdgeMax rescue kit (now you can reinstall EdgeOS from scratch)

In my case I had router ssh and web interface unresponsive, though it was still keeping pppoe connection and routing,

after reboot it wasn't showing up, connected serial cable and this was the outputs:


Flashed router with OP's software and guide and router ended up throwing tons of read errors,

so changed USB drive  to Kingston Data Traveler, flashed again and it works again.


I myself had pwoer adapter changed, also I had UNMS set up and then remove the server, this migh have cause lots of logs written?


Anyway, thanks to OP!