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EdgePoint EP-R6. Discontinued?

Can anyone confirm if the EP-R6 is going to be discontinued?  My UK supplier is showing it as such.  


I currently use an enclosure with a ToughSwitch 5  running a Nanostation, Unifi AP and 2 Unifi cameras, all strapped to a lamp post. I was looking at replacing with an EP-R6.   

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Re: EdgePoint EP-R6. Discontinued?

I certainly have not heard that - we use a lot of them as well.   UBNT is not in the habit of discontinuing devices if there isn't a replacement already out, and the components inside are the same as in the ER-X SFP...


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Re: EdgePoint EP-R6. Discontinued?

Hi @Sulli,


I'm moving your thread to the EdgeRouter forums.


We do not have any plans to discontinue the EP-R6.





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Re: EdgePoint EP-R6. Discontinued?

I've just checked on our listing, we are getting more stock but not for a couple of months, waiting on a container delivery.





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