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EdgeRouter Advice on New Setup

I'm moving into a new apartment complex next month which offers 1Gbit Up/Down via Fiber, so I'm guessing that I'll have to upgrade my current router unless the tests prove otherwise.


I've set up and EdgeRouter X along with a Unifi AC Lite for a friend before, so I'm fairly confident in the software. The hardware point is where I'm curious for a 798 sq/ft apartment. The AC Lite should take care of the 7-10 IoT devices. I'd also like to be able to push up to 10Gbit hardwired LAN traffic between 3 devices (NAS, PC, docked laptop for RAW movie files).

To reach full gigabit, both ways, not counting AP, I'm guessing I'll need,

- Edgerouter Lite/ ERPOE-5
- Unifi AC Lite

- Unmanaged switch of sorts

It seems that the Edgerouter X doesn't have the CPU power for proper Gbit but the Edgerouter Lite does not do PoE for the Unifi unit. 

Also, reviews for the Edgerouter Lite suggest there is a 'notable performance penalty for bridging the two "LAN" ports' and would be 'better served to simply leave one of the 3 ports unused, and simply connect a properly sized gigabit switch to the desired LAN port to avoid this performance penalty'.



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Re: EdgeRouter Advice on New Setup

Yes, the optimum setup would be to have a separate 10GB switch downstream of the Edgerouter.  This would let the Edgerouter handle WAN in/out exclusively and not have to contend with LAN traffic.


Are you currently able to saturate a 10GB connection?  I'd be curious to know what NAS and LAN clients are you using or plan to use.  10GB LAN hardware is expensive stuff; the switch would run $525 minimum.  You could maybe get by with, for example a Synology NAS that can do 4 x 1GB link aggregation to a smart 1GB switch (8+ ports), and achieve most of the performance that you are looking for, without the cost of 10GB hardware.


As for ER-X vs Lite, I think the ER-X can handle a symmetric 1GB WAN connection when configured properly, but this depends on other services you may need (VPNs, QoS, etc).  I'll let the other experts chime in on this point as I'm not 100% about this.


You could consider an ER4 instead, which would easily handle 1GB WAN, especially if you save on not having to use 10GB LAN hardware.  The cost delta between a Lite and ER4 is $100.