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EdgeRouter POE and Linksys 1900AC

I have the edgerouter connected to the internet and that part is working well. I'm trying to get my wifi router to connect, and that's not going so well. 

I have tried setting the LS in bridge mode, (its connected internet port to eth2) but it won't pull an IP, nor will it allow me to ping the IP when I have it set static. I tried setting it static and turning dhcp off on the linksys,. but the ER doesn't seem to want to assign an IP address to the router (in bridge mode or otherwise) 

What am I missing here? 

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Re: EdgeRouter POE and Linksys 1900AC

I am assuming you've got a fairly simple setup and that you're not trying to work with multiple VLANs or SSIDs. If you are doing anything more complex than a very simple single LAN + Wifi, you will want to either upgrade to better wifi hardware (such as the UBNT Unifi APs) or load 3rd party firmware onto your Linksys router (such as LEDE/OpenWRT).


Also, for these suggestions, I am also assuming your EdgeRouter is providing proper connectivity to the internet and that it is configured to provide a single network on (router address If this is not the case, make appropriate adjustments to my suggestions:


1. Directly connect your Linksys route LAN port to your computer via ethernet. Do not hve anything else connected to it (the ER will come later).

2. Configure the SSID/security settings for your wifi network and make sure you can connect to wifi.

3. Change the Linksys router's IP address to something else in the same subnet as your ER provides (such as or similar). Make sure the address you choose does not conflict with any other devices you've setup with static IPs and is not overlapping with the DHCP range configured in the ER. 

4. Turn off DHCP in the linksys router (this will cause network issues if it is left enabled)

5. Disconnect your computer from the linksys router (both wired and wireless)

6. Connect the ER via ethernet to the LAN port on the linksys router.

7, Try connecting to the wifi network and/or wired on one of the other Linksys LAN ports. You should get a DHCP supplied IP address from the ER and you should have normal connectivity to the internet. You should be able to connect to your linksys router at and your ER at

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Re: EdgeRouter POE and Linksys 1900AC

What I ended up doing (right before you replied... thank you for the detailed reply though, I appreciate it!) was this: 

Configure WiFi, and set LS to Bridge Mode
Connect ER to LS from EReth1 to LS Internet

Connect Switch to LS port 2

Everything came up roses. Previously, I had the switch connected to eth1, and the LS to eth2. (Previous configuration had an Edgemard router with switch into port 2, and LS into port 3... the ER doesn't seem to work that way.) For learning purposes, why didn't the router provide a DHCP address on eth2? 


Now... to just get my VPNs back up... Man Happy