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EdgeRouter Pro Mutli-Wan to Lan

Hi All,


I am currently in the midst of installing the Edgerouter Pro, with 4 public Ips.

However, being my first setup of these routers its obviously new territory.


I am trying to setup 4 public IP's on eth0

Then setup on each eth port a lan that links to one of the public IP's.


So far the IP's have been added into eth0, separate lans have been created on ports 2,3,4,5.

However, when trying to route the traffic using S-NAT and D-NAT, simply doesn’t work.

If i leave masquerade enabled, all lan ports route traffic through the first assigned public ip on eth0.

Remove or disable masquerading and all WAN traffic stops.


Any help would be great




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Re: EdgeRouter Pro Mutli-Wan to Lan