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Re: Edgerouter Internet Connection Issues

All - we've got it.


One of our employees brought in their own router from home and plugged it into their office ethernet port. The default ip of this was also, so those who were having internet connectivity issues were actually connecting to this router than the main edge one.


Thank you so much for everyone's help - this has been causing issues for over a week so it's genuinely very much appreciated Man Happy


Moving forward, we'll be moving everyone over to the smart switch so will limit the ip ranges they can use to connect, which should prevent anyone from getting a duplicate ip on the system to something that's critical, such as the router

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Re: Edgerouter Internet Connection Issues

Well Done !
Generally speaking, when you can have controle over your network, never, never use the classic or as network address, rather, something like, or, .... or, are ok home users  Man Happy