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Edgerouter X VLAN aware switch help

I've seen a few threads about this in the past, but I am still struggling with this setup.


I am trying to set up an ER Lite as a router with an ER X as a VLAN aware switch.
I have Centurylink fiber internet, which required me to set the ER Lite up for PPOE + VLAN 201 to connect.


I have the ER Lite working as a router, separating the "public" wifi router from my ISP (used for netflix, xbox, etc.) and my private wired connection that goes to my office.  It's arranged like so:



I have an ER X that I would like to use as a switch connected to the ER Lite, so that I can have multiple wired connections on the wired LAN, preferably divided  such that there is a "public" connection for gaming etc and a "private" connection for work and sensitive data, which cannot be accessed by others on the network:



I've tried  accomplishing this setup using VLAN configurations, but I haven't been able to get it to work.  I've tried the switch wizard on the ER X, but was unsuccessful.  I've read a few theads on this subject but I'm confused  as to how to set up the VLAN.  I got it to work as a dumb switch, but I want to be able to establish firewall rules between PC 1, PC 2, etc.



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Re: Edgerouter X VLAN aware switch help

You can use either the ER-X or the ER-Lite for routing between subnets.


It's OK to let ER-Lite do this routing/filtering

Then ER-Lite port should have all VLANs configured too.


When playing around with vlan aware:  Pull a single port from the switch, and assign it a management IP in seperate range.  Than do config from it . This prevents you from being locked out

 As I remember , recent version had issues when configuring switch from GUI, so use CLI.




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Re: Edgerouter X VLAN aware switch help

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So I've got my ER Lite set up and working, and I have internet connectivity on my PC when plugged into eth1, still having problems getting it to work with the ER X though.  Here's the dashboard for the ER L.  I tried to make 2 separate VLANs, eth1.10 and eth 1.20 to make 2 separate rule groups on the switch:
router thing.png

I tried setting it up as a switch, but I don't think I did it right, as I had no connection and couldn't bring up the GUI or CLI through Putty. 
I also have the DHCP servers set up on the ER L:


I think maybe I'm just setting up the switch incorrectly?  I tried using the wizard but no luck there, I can access the GUI through the switch but can't access the internet.  I set it up just like this article suggests:

connected ER L eth1 to ER X eth4, tried plugging PC into the other 4 ports, no internet, gui access though. 

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Re: Edgerouter X VLAN aware switch help

Hi @erniebutters, welcome to the UBNT forums!


Can you provide us the (sanitized) configuration of both EdgeRouters? We have an article here on how to download the config file.



Ben Pin - EdgeMAX Support