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Fail with port 7070 - Edgerouter Lite-3

I have a number of IP cameras from Acti, all of which use port 7070 to connect to the internal video server. Unfortunately, block my EdgeRouter Lite-3. Can some help me get open so they can access port 7070? Best regards, Sune Moldt

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Re: Fail with port 7070 - Edgerouter Lite-3

I'm not getting it… Are these camera somewhere on the WAN and try to connect the NVR on your LAN? Or the other way? Or completely different?
Can you describe more detailed what your goal is? And if you post your router config somebody might be able to give some advice.
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Re: Fail with port 7070 - Edgerouter Lite-3

Have a look a THIS document how to change ports and make multiple cameras work behind router. On ER-L use Firewall/NAT -> Port Forwarding to set it up.