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FreePBX 14 Set Up with Edge Router Lite 1.10.8


I'm looking for help is setting up my EdgeRouter Lite to work with FreePBX. Specifically what configuration on the ERx will allow username & password authenticated trunck to work / register properly with my SIP provider. I don't think I require port forwarding however do I need to put the FreePBX into a DMZ and if so how and I prefer to use the GUI to do this? I do have "eth2" available on the router if that helps. Also does anyone know what role the FreePBX firewall will play in the set up? Currently my SIP trunk is showing as registered with my provider, however at their end they keep seeing register then un-register. Receintly I defaulted the ERX and used the "Wan2Lan" setup wizard to congure the device.


Any information or links to video's / documentation would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance for your help.



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Re: FreePBX 14 Set Up with Edge Router Lite 1.10.8

Disable sip alg
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Re: FreePBX 14 Set Up with Edge Router Lite 1.10.8

I don't have the pbx in a dmz.  Had a similar problem when i got started.  Disable sip agl.  Stock firewall should allow sip traffic, so you don't need to open ports on the firewall.   I use flowroute as my sip provider.  Most of the problems i had were on their end.   Make sure that when you register your routes with the sip provider that you include the sip port your using.  5160, 5060 ect and that they match your Asterisk sip settings in freepbx.