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Internet -> Cable Modem/Firewall -> EdgeRouter VPN setup = DNS not working

Had my internet service upgraded from my local cable provider.  The required them to install their cable modem.  This cable modem, has a built in firewall.  So I have to setup port forwards in order to make my VPN on the EdgeRouter X work again.  Got the VPN working.  But for some reason my DNS name resolution on my local area network behind the EdgeRouter X is not working.  In the doc for the L2TP VPN setup, it mentions that you have to setup a rule for ESP.  But I can find out if I need to setup a port forward in the cable modem firewall as well.  Do I need to, in order to get DNS name resolution to work?   If so, how do I configure the port forwarding setup?


NOTE: My L2TP VPN setup was working flawlessly, before getting my internet service upgraded by my cable provider.