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L2TP setup local-users question

using fw version 1.6.0 on ERL-3.


I've setup L2TP and it works fine with single-word usernames, does it support usernames with a space between first and last name?


set vpn l2tp remote-access authentication local-users username firstname lastname password password


When setting up the user via the command line, I get the error "The specified configuration node is not valid", however, if I go into the GUI, it allows me to create a username with a space BUT it then spawns a "new" user (of the same name just created) when I select that username to add in the password for that user.


I tried adding the user via CLI and using quotes (i.e. "firstname lastname") around the name and it was successful, however the "spawning" issue as described above still occurs.

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Re: L2TP setup local-users question

Sounds like it is an issue with the handling of space in the Web UI "Config Tree", and using the CLI works, right? Thanks for reporting the issue and we'll look into it.