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Mirror/SPAN on Edge Router X

Lots of posts on this topic, none of them work.


Running Edge OS 1.9.1 on Edgerouter X


And there is nothing in the documentation...


My config is, eth1 (active link I want to monitor) and eth4 the port I have connected to the monitoring system.


Command is set interface ethernet eth1 mirror eth4


I have committed.  Hopefully reboot not required.


All I see on the monitoring system off eth4 are broadcast frames.  The data from eth1 is not being mirrored.


Anyone actually get this to work?


many thanks






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Re: Mirror/SPAN on Edge Router X

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The ER-X is basically a switch with routing functionality. This is why the port-mirroring does not function properly, as this is done using software. On other models such as the ER-Lite you need to disable offloading to capture the data. The ER-X and ER-X-SFP use a different architecture. More info here:





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