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My ER-X has 2-3 bouts of Catatonia every month

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My NetGear CM1000 Cable Modem feeds my EdgeRouter-X (Port 0) on the ER-X The ER-X serves as my DHCP Server for 2 Desktops and a TP Link Archer C-7 (to provide wireless access to my phone/tablets separate from my Desktops)


At least 2-3 times per month, Ports 1 & 2 on the ER-X suddenly stop functioning completely, resulting in no Internet connectivity for either desktop. The Desktops can't ping the ER-X nor each other, nor can they see the Cable Modem...however...the TP Link C7, connected to Port 3, still functions just fine.


I can unplug either (or both) of the desktop's CAT6 cables from the ER-X and connect them to directly to the Ethernet ports on the TPLink, Perform a simple IPConfig release/renew, and they immediately pull an IP from the TPLink and regain internet connectivity.


The only way to correct the issue is to perform a factory reset on the ER-X and re-run the setup wizard. It works fine for a week or 2 and then the problem re-surfaces.


Edited to add: It's running the latest firmware as of 11/22/2018.

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Re: My ER-X has 2-3 bouts of Catatonia every month

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The picture suggests you have 2 DHCP servers in series dishing out addresses in the 192.168 range.

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Re: My ER-X has 2-3 bouts of Catatonia every month

Probably, the TP-Link AP is in routed NAT mode, and it has its own DHCP server in it.


Post your config.


When problem re-occurs, do troubleshooting from eth3