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Need help setting my router up with vlans for my wifi



I kind of unfamiliar with networking and need help setting upp a network for a multi family home. I need to separate the trafik from each family so resourses oly share within a family. what I've read vlan is the way to go. There is 4 families. 


I got an edgerouter x and 2x AP ac lr to work with.


I would like to make 2 vlans with an eth + wifi and 2 vlans wifi only.


eth 3 and 4 is used for AP.



The goal is something like this:

vlan 10 wifi 1 + eth 1  (management)

vlan 20 wifi 2 + eth 2

vlan 30 wifi 3

vlan 30 wifi 4  


As I said before my knowlege is limited and would like an as simpel soulotion as possible. Have searched for answers quite a bit, but didn't find a solution that worked. GUI preferd Man Happy 


Thanks in advance Man Happy


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Re: Need help setting my router up with vlans for my wifi

Hi, Take a look at my ER-X / UAP setup guide. It is offsite and announced at

this will at least get you part (one set of eth/WiFi plus two more wifi) of what you want. 


Hope this helps you get started,



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