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New connection based PBR feature in v1.2

There is a new Policy Based Routing feature in v1.2.  It's described in Connection based PBR

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Re: New connection based PBR feature in v1.2



I got a fiber and an adsl line. Currently the ERL is configured to run only on the fiber with the adsl unused. I would like to do load balancing/failover with weighting. Is this possible on 1.2 alpha or is Blooze's current workaround in the knowledge base a better solution for now?



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Re: New connection based PBR feature in v1.2

The two are not exactly the same. The alpha adds support for using connmark/mark for per-connection load balancing. On the other hand, Blooze's scripts allow monitoring the route status and provide failover etc. Also as mentioned before we are working on adding more advanced load balancing/failover functions over the next releases and should be able to provide a more complete, integrated solution.