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No Site to Site VPN with Load Balancing Enabled

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I had this issue in Firmware 1.4.1 as well so I gave up on the Load Balancing since I needed the VPN more. Trying it in the new 1.5 update and I'm still running into the same issues. 

With Load Balanced configured and running my Site to Site IPSEC tunnel will come up and connect, but I can't get any traffic out. I can not ping the far side. If I open up ICMP on the WAN_LOCAL Firewall I CAN ping the Edgerouter from the remote side, but nothing else attached to the edgerouter.

There's got to be  a way to have a Load Balanced Failover setup with two ISP's (using static IP's) , while having an Active IPSEC tunnel.

I transposed all the Firewall Rules from the Working Edgerouter that does not have Load Balanced enabled. So something is not right somewhere.



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Re: No Site to Site VPN with Load Balancing Enabled

See this thread - LINK.

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