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Not so happy with loadbalancing

Hi together,


since i'm not that good in that stuff, i used the wizzard to create a loadbalancer. Its working. So far so good.

But i'm very unhappy how the loadbalacing is handled. For sure its just a configuration thing, but i dont know how to start.


My problem is the following:

I started a upload that uses the upstream of the first line completly. then i started a second upload.

Normaly i would expect that the upload starts on the second line which is completly unused. Well sometimes it does, sometimes not.

So i guess its doing a simple roundrobin and not loadbalancing. How could he.. i wasnt even asked for the maximum bandwidth in the wizzard.


If its not roundrobin, my only way to explain it is that he counts the total bandwidth and isnt seperating upload and download. So if line 1 got 10mbit upload, line 2 got 20mbit download ..it will choose line1 for the second upload cause the total is only 10mbit there.


And maybe... i'm completly wrong with anything and someone can help me :-)


Thanks in advance




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Re: Not so happy with loadbalancing

Loadbalance doesn't look at current utilization,it just randomizes new connections onto both WAN links.

Opening a single web page already uses tens of connections. for each frame ad image ...

Visiting lots of webpages gives fair balance.

Just opening 2 bulk transfers, there's good chance they'll end up on the same link.

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Re: Not so happy with loadbalancing

If you are having issues with the balancing (over unequal uplinks for example) you can influence the weighting of the interfaces.


set load-balance group <group> interface <ethx> weight ?
 Possible completions:
 0-100 weight of interface (default 50)




Ben Pin | Ubiquiti Support

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Re: Not so happy with loadbalancing

thanks ben.. but if 50 is defaul, it wont help.

i bought this router cause i thought it is balancing. now i hear its just a roundrobin.

so the only way to get real loadbalancing will be to turn out all hardware devices (to avoid any connection to anywhere) and then start the upload from one machine... damx it..thats not a solution.

i just want that the the line with the less traffic on upload OR download is used ...

isnt that really possible with edgeos ? i dont want to give the device back (sure i cant cause its 5 weeks old)..i love it in anyway ...but would it love more if it can do real loadbalancing