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Redirect subdomain


Can you help me ?


I want to redirect interal ip ex: to public subdomain ex:

I have done setting to normal port forwarding to my public IP. Theese settings must stay.


Example: On IP is running web server. I want to redirect it to But on 192.168.1.x is running second web server and it is redirected to public IP thought PORT FORWARDING tool. How can I do that.


Maybe it is possible to do it with proxy server.

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Re: Redirect subdomain

I may not understand what you want.


If you want users on the public Internet to be able to

access you Webserver by its name:,

you will need to register that domain with a registrar--

assuming that Web name is available. Then you can

forward users to your server via DNS settings in your

registrar's public DNS server.   Dave

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