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Replace the Orange box with a modem + routers

Hi all,


I will need your advice, advice if possible, thank you in advance Man Happy I arrived in a new company composed of fifteen people and I will have to change the box of the operator who arrives largely at its limits by modem + routers. We currently have + of a dozen servers with more than 25000 clients connections daily, it is important to keep the broadband (FIBER)


My specifications are quite simple:

  • Functional with ORANGE
  • That the whole is not a closed solution (being mainly on Ubuntu, CentOS)
  • Have at least 4 Ethernet ports
  • Wifi (not an obligation)
  • Manage port forwarding (rather basic ...)
  • Manage the DNS locally  



EdgeMax EdgeRouter-Pro Can you confirm that they are compatible with ORANGE fiber french?

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Re: Replace the Orange box with a modem + routers

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Please forgive me since I have not tried this myself, we don't have ftth yet, but take a look here and see if the content is helpful.  configurations for Ubiquiti routers using Orange Fiber connections are common here.






PS we're hopeful for ftth or microwave or some robust internet connection that's cost effective other than adsl at our French country home.