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See why BGP routes are not being accepted

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Quagga is completely and utterly infuriating. But that's not news. Anyway.


I have two BGP peers on my EdgeRouter X. One works fine, the other does not.


They are both using the same prefix filters, which obviously rules that out. 


In both cases, I am receiving routes from the peers.

show ip bgp neighbors a.a.a.a received-routes
show ip bgp neighbors b.b.b.b received-routes

... both show the expected routes. However, when asking for which routes were accepted:

show ip bgp neighbors a.a.a.a routes
show ip bgp neighbors b.b.b.b routes

... only the first peer shows me any accepted routes. The second peer is accepting no routes.


I thought that maybe the problem is that Quagga does not see the next-hop as routable, but both routes exist in the routing table.


The only difference being that, in case a.a.a.a, both peers are in the same single /30. In case b.b.b.b, the peers are not in the same /30, but are instead point-to-point with static /32 interface routes configured. 


Does this mean that the ER-X is not capable of using a point-to-point link for BGP? Is there some way around this?


Is it possible to see why Quagga is rejecting the routes? Is that logged anywhere?


Any thoughts appreciated.

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Re: See why BGP routes are not being accepted

Post config, and add some more results from show commands.

I guess you need a static interface-route for b.b.b.b/32 , pointing to pppoe0.