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Selecting WAN for each user

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I have 2 WAN setup and I've been using the 50/50 non sticky load balancer for a month now but I don't like little I have control over the choises.


Say one of the ISPS are UP but really slow, the Edgerouter will still forward 50% of the traffic through it making the user experience a really poor one.


What I'd like to do now is to have 2 WAN but no load balancing per se. I'd like to choose which local ip (I have mapped all static IPs) uses which WAN and then if no rule is found to use one of them as a default option.


1) How can I achieve this after restoring factory settings?

2) How can I forward through ETH1 via command line.

3) After doing the line above how can I change to ETH2?

4) After doing the line above how can I remove all rules for and have it use the default WAN?


I want to do this without using VLAN as I want my chromecasts to show up on the same network.


Thank you for being so helpful on this forum!


EDIT: The reason I'm asking those 4 questions is because I want to do a web service where I can drag and drop each client to either of the WANs (the web service would execute CLI commands after each drag and drop).

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Re: Selecting WAN for each user

Have you had a look here ... ?

You can do PBR regardless the VLAN's, even based on the single source ip address.