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Suggestions for Migrating from ER-X-SFP to ER-6p

Hi all.


I purchased a ER-6P to replace a smaller ER-X-SFP.


Hardware switching is impossible on this model.


My network is just a set of 4 bridged sectors sharing a standard /24 subnet on the switch0 of the ER-X. There are other nested  sectors extending the bridge to a total of 9 management devices using IPs from .200 to .215 of my LAN. My CPEs have static private addresses on the subnet.


I wish to use offloading as much as possible. Software switching is tempting but absolutely out of the question (unless any of you have tested that with acceptable results).


I'm thinking of doing this:


1) Keep the same address space (192.168.30.X)

2) Fragment the LAN in FOUR /26 subnets of 62 hosts each, 1 subnet per ETH interface

3) Use the default gateway of each subnet as IP of each interface in the ER-6p

4) Make the CPEs on each corner of the bridge to use its corresponding gateway.


I would have to move all my managing devices (sectors) to other addresses on their respective subnet.. but i understand in this setup everybody would stay seeing everybody without having to build a software switch. Am I correct?

...I also wanted to ask about management IPs and VLANs.

Is it possible to join 4 vlans in a software bridge?... in a way that management traffic is not offloaded but regular traffic in the regular LAN is?. 


All suggestions are welcome.
What do you think?