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Thinking about getting a Edgerouter X SFP

Im in the process of redoing my network and doing away with my current asus RT-AC3100 router. The thing is huge and my wireless hasnt been great since i have a bad location for the router so i was looing for something a bit smaller since i wont be using the wirelless on the asus. I had getten a good deal on the UniFi AC Mesh units and they are working much better then my Asus just a little slower on the 5ghz band but thats a non issue. So i was looking a a couple of options  either getting the ER-L with another Poe Switch or getting the ER-X-SFP since it has a POE switch built in. my issue is im trying to decide if the ER-X-SFP is good enough for my needs or if i should go with the ER-L since it seems to be specd a bit better besides the CPU which is a tad slower or maybe neither is good lol.  


My network has a bunch of mixed usage of netflix, youtube,plex & games. I have a 150mb cable internet connection. I have a 9 cameras that i run to a local camera/media  server running blue Iris & plex.  I share my plex server to a few buddy's for streaming. I have a Few Tivos and Tivo minis for the kids rooms. So i have a bunch going on i would say a lot more local traffic then anything. 


Any thoughts or insights on this would be great



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Re: Thinking about getting a Edgerouter X SFP

I used the ERX-SPF for a couple of years as a main router, prior to that, an PoE5, which was good also, but it runs very hot and, it uses the same RAM as the ERL. They both use USB drive for memory, which can have a short life span. Try the ERX-SFP. If you have a little room in your budget down the road lolok at the ER4. That will server you for many years. I use the ER4 now with an Edgeswitch ES-8-150. I think it's a great combination. I run alll my AP's on the ES, with no issues, plus a couple of other ports from some switches. All my ERX-SFP's are used purely as swithes now. For the price point on the ERX, either way, you won't lose out..