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Using FQDN instead of just the hostname

I am attempting to use chef to manage some files on our EdgeRouters. In order to do this, I need the system to give the FQDN when requesting hostname from the OS. By default, the EdgeRouter seems to only use the hostname and does not tack on the domain name to it. If I edit the /etc/hostname file and, I get the system to report the FQDN. However, when I reboot, the /etc/hostname file is regenerated with only the host name (router) and without the domain name. Regardless, this is not ideal since the hostname / domain name can be adjusted in the GUI, and will regenerate all related files anyways if changed.


Is there a way to get the system to actually use the FQDN?


$ hostname

$ hostname --fqdn



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Re: Using FQDN instead of just the hostname

That may be related to the use of busybox for the hostname tool, and we'll need to look into it. Thanks for reporting.

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Re: Using FQDN instead of just the hostname

How's progress on this?