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VPN connectivity.

Hi Guys, Question on Remote VPN through connection.


We have a setup as follows.


Main SIte (A) ER-X with LAN  PBX on Main site.


Remote site B (ER_POE5) IPSEC VPN to main site. (B<>A) & Remote IP handset from PBX


Remote site C (ER_X) IPSEC VPN to main site C<>A)  & Remote IP handset from PBX


Remote site (Netcomm NF4V) D IPSEC VPN to main site D<>A) & Remote IP handset from PBX


L2p VPN set up for Android/iphone Main site. L2P<>A & Softphone to PBX


All handsets are working as are all VPN's, the issue is that if a call is placed between any 2 remote locations, the call connects OK but there is no RTP traffic.  The PABX in this instance doesn't transit the RTP Traffic, rather relies on the RTP traffic going directly between devices.


To correct this I need to route the RTP traffic from the VPN's through the ER-X, not really sure how to do this, it has been suggested to use OSPF, is that the correct or best method, or should I set up static routes?


Thanks in advance.