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block country IP via cli

I am getting pounded by Russian IP's.  I got a list of all of the Russian IP's and I put them on a script.


set firewall group address-group BlockIP <ip>


The problem is that after 5 or six lines the router doesnt seem to process the script fast enough.  At the end I have left the commit statement running for over 1 hour and it never finishes.


I have tried putting a commit after every 5 lines, but still the router just freaks out.  


How can I apply the acl to the router.  There are over 5k lines.


I am running edgerouter lite running the latest code.

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Re: block country IP via cli


May be solution is aggregate many lines (ip hope its nets blocks, not ip/32) into BIGGER blocks. It seems too many static routes is too much for ER-lite


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Re: block country IP via cli

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Re: block country IP via cli

@fanghui wrote:

Try ipset:

@mrjoli021, this is possibly you're solution


Ipset is much quicker to run.





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