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1.7.4 firmware and up causes performance issues on some SW.

So I have 12 EdgeSwitch ES-48 in my company that connected to an EdgeSwitch 16XG as all connected to SPF+. Out of the 12 switches, I have 4 of them that if I upgrade the firmware from 1.7.4 and above their performance drops dramatically. I have 500 down and 500 up with my ISP and those switches would get 4 down and 3 up with the firmware upgrade.  I noticed when I needed to push the firmware to downgrade them to fix it, it takes forever to upload it to the switch. I'm using UNMS it sucks that I have to downgrade the firmware as I want to see all my switches on UNMS. I had luck once on buying a new switch and upgrading the firmware before I configure them as needed then swapping it out with the issue switch. But yesterday one of my switches went out and replaced it with a new one on 1.8. I thought I was on the clear and nope! The users started to complain that everything is super slow. Any ideas?