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2nd switch admin access puzzle

Trying to get admin access to a 2nd EdgeSwitch (aka switch B). My setup:


I have two EdgeSwitch Lite 48-port switches linked with SFP+, both configured with 4 VLANs VLAN 4 VLAN 8 VLAN 16 VLAN 1 (management)


EdgeSwitch A is configured as a router, with SVIs for VLANs 4, 8, & 16.  VLAN1 is not routed. 

Port 0/1 on each switch is set for VLAN1, and I can manage the switches at fixed IPs (switch A) and (switch B) when a cable is attached to 0/1 on the appropriate switch. 


I can also manage switch A from a PC on any of the VLANs, by using the SVI (gateway) address (e.g. This is how I manage that switch 99% of the time. 


Question: How can I access the admin interface on switch B while at my desk connected to one of the VLANs (in the same manner I can with switch A)? Not surprizingly does not work. Should I switch the address of switch B to, for example, and the management VLAN to 4? I have recevied "subnet conflict" errors when attempting such a change in the past (I am not at the switches to try it at the moment).



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Re: 2nd switch admin access puzzle

Unlike an SVI, the management network is not routable. So you will not be able to 'inter-VLAN' route between the management VLAN and another routed VLAN (SVI).


Assuming you have a trunk between these switches. You can just change the management VLAN on switch B to VLAN4 and the management address to be in the range.



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