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EM 24 Lite Trunks - Upgraded from 1.0 to 1.7

I upgraded my firmware from 1.0 to 1.7 today and see the addition of Trunk settings on the VLAN page. The switches are new and this is the first upgrade. I'm in the learning phase and way over my head here setting up VLANS for the first time and have some questions.


The configuration is two VLANS. 1 & 12, with 12 being a guest access.

Hardware is a Linksys LRT-224 gateway with an EM 24 Lite, chained by fiber to an EM 16 PoE. The other fiber port goes to a DSLAM


The linksys has port 1 untagged on VLAN 1 and port 4 untagged on VLAN 12. No other port in use.

Both port 1 and port 4 goes to the EM 24 Lite on ports that are configured for the respective VLAN. This will not cause a problem, witll it? Also, the ports on the EM 24 that connect to the Linksys should be marked as Trunks now. Right?


All the ports on the EM switches are either untagged or excluded and participate in only the one VLAN, with the exception of the ports connecting the switches together with are tagged. I am assuming they should also be marked as Trunks now. Is that right?


All DSLAM ports are destined as VLAN 12 but VLANs are not turned on on the DSLAM. The DSLAM simply connects to the EM 24 on a port marked as VLAN 12 and untagged. This seems to work so far. Unless I was using VLANs on the DSLAM I should not need to have tagging or Trunk enabled for that port. Or is that wrong to do that?


All of the ports on the EM 16 PoE are untagged VLAN 1 except for one that is an access point that is untagged to VLAN 12. All ports get the correct address space when using DHCP, so I think it is working as intended. Do wireless access points need to be tagged or marked as trunks if all connects will go to the VLAN the port participates in? At this point I am only using one of the radios in the APs. (Unifi AP Pro and Unifi Outdoor+)



Any pointers would be appreciated.