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EdgeMax vs Unifi - Buyers remorse ?

It's my own fault (?) but I purchased an Edgeswich 24 PoE and an EdgeRouter PRO-8 along with several UAP-IW units for my new home build.


My mistake (perhaps) is that I confused the UNMS software with the UNIFI software thinking they were the same thing. Then I fired up my Cloudkey and realized that this really slick Unifi interface can't work with the EdgeMax products I have. I'm not crazy about having to spin up a virtual machine to run UNMS if the Cloudkey/Unifi will be able to handle my requirements.


My requirements:



2 WAN ports with PPPoE client functionality (bonding would be an asset but not required) Gig-E preferred

Minimum 2 LAN ports - Gig-E

VPN tunneling to a Linux/FBSD server running OpenVPN



24port PoE with .af and Passive PoE functionality (mix of Ubiquiti and TP Link CPEs)



My pre-teen children are approaching the age when their Internet interests are going to be shifting away from to 'other' areas. I'd like to be able to implement some security at both the ethernet port level for their PC's and wirelessly to their devices.

I've been eyeballing the Ubiquity line of cameras/etc. Will probably add at least a few to the mix come summertime when I don't mind being outside. (Canadian eh)



The EdgeMax products are a relatively new arrival from Amazon. Still time to return/replace.


What do you guys think ? I'm tech savvy when it comes to network gear so if I can accomplish everything I've listed with the EdgeMax stuff, I don't mind sticking with it even if I have to use the CLI, but I'd really prefer to stick with the Cloudkey UI as long as I won't find myself missing on functionality.


Questions welcomed as I'm sure I could have been better at explaining myself. Man Tongue




= K

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Re: EdgeMax vs Unifi - Buyers remorse ?

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In terms of hardware, the ER-Pro and the USG-Pro are exactly the same. There is a thread on the UniFi forums here that has more information. Likewise the UniFi 24-port PoE switches are the same as the ES-24-250W and ES-24-500W in terms of hardware. It is the management method that differs and the amount of features that you will have available. EdgeMAX offers more features but it also requires you to manage each device separately or run UNMS on a VM. Looking at your requirements, there is nothing there that you cannot do with UniFi.


Honestly, if you prefer the UniFi management interface and have already bought the Cloud Key then you may want to exchange the EdgeMAX devices for UniFi.



Ben Pin - EdgeMAX Support

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Re: EdgeMax vs Unifi - Buyers remorse ?

Thanks Ben,


Is there anything the UNIFI line-up can do that the EdgeMax gear can't ?


I can swallow using UNMS if I'm not going to be missing out on featureset. The Cloudkey was a small investment. No need to let the tail wag the dog as long as I can do the same things with UNMS.


Is there any difference in OpenVPN performance between the USG and ERPro-8 ?


Thanks again,


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Re: EdgeMax vs Unifi - Buyers remorse ?

I did something similar, but personally I prefer the ER line to the USG line, so I don’t loose sleep there. But, when the VLANs get complicated and mirrored onto the WiFi, I would replace the switches. 


Ultimately, I will probably get a couple USWs to support the APs, but my network isn’t so big that I lose sleep over it— just ~150 hard wired ports. 

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Re: EdgeMax vs Unifi - Buyers remorse ?

Good to know.


I can't at this time think of a scenario where I'd need/want to trunk VLAN's up to the AP's in my home environment so I guess I'll finish wiring everything up and then dig in to UNMS.




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Re: EdgeMax vs Unifi - Buyers remorse ?

UNMS is only used for monitoring the edgeswitches. Configurations have to be made at the device itself. UNMS is still a beta product and according to the timeline, they don't plan on adding Edgeswitch configuration anytime this year. So the main difference is going to be whether you want to log into the cloud key and manage your entire network, or if you're okay with using the cloud key to manage the wifi passwords and wireless info, and logging into the switch for vlan/layer2 functions, and logging into the router for the VPN and other routing.

Personally for what you listed, your better off switching out and going with the Unifi gear all the way through. Managing everything under one pane will really come in handy. Especially when you need to throttle one of your teens or deny hardwired access when they misbehave Man Wink If you're using edgeswitches, it's alot more complicated to do port level throttling.
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Re: EdgeMax vs Unifi - Buyers remorse ?

UAP's and UniFi switches play very nice together.  We have a couple of sites with EdgeMAX routers and EdgeSwitches in the server room, but we still chose UniFi switches for the internal building stuff.