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Airos 5.1 login password

Anyone tried to use a password longer than 8 characters?
i'tested in bulletM5 and nanom5, and if you put a pass for example 10 characters, you only get the first 8 used.
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Re: Airos 5.1 login password

Yes I noticed this. Very annoying!!
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Re: Airos 5.1 login password

Same here on latest version 5.1. Password was 8 bytes long even with 5.0.2.
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Re: Airos 5.1 login password

AirOS system administrator password is limited to 8 symbols (limit from uClibc) and always has this limit, only GUI was allowing to enter more than 8 symbols for admin password. There was no easy or simple way to change this system limit, so we just added missed restriction on GUI.