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Suggestion : The road to the perfect Mapping tool

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Hi @UBNT-James


here is my suggestion to make airlink the perfect mapping tool to keep track of network layout, coverage, sites and CPE.

The look of the actual latest airlink is perfect as it is, we just need more menus and settings.


  • We should be able to place many base station sites.

Sites Properties : Site type (Building, colo tower, owned tower), Max height, if tower : max wind load under TIA/EIA 222 F and G compliance (so devices specified on site are automatically deduced from the capacity and trigger a warning if there is danger to go over). Wind dominance and speed of the site should be automatically taken from map data, if not, fileds to manually specify.


For each of these sites, the coverage should not be automatically calculated for a 360 degrees coverage of a unique device type. On a site, there should be a menu to place devices (Acces points (Wich equipement with wich antenna from ubiquiti products) their height, orientation ( on what degreee agains a 0 degree north (true or magnetic)), and angle (upward or downward) so a more precise coverage can be calculated (minimum distance from tower for example). Then the coverage of each antenna should be plotted accordingly.


The sites / devices should have a status property (Planned, Installed, In Production)


  • Place many CPEs and associate them to acces points.

Specify wich equipement is used as CPE

Give the height, orientation and angle required for ideal connectivity to acces point

Should have a status property (Planned, Installed, In Production)

Use Google map data to automatically plan potential "customers" in the range of the acces points.


  • Manually Place/draw "obstructions (Forest, trees, buildings) with their type/height (Foliage / Metal structure / Building)
  • Drawing tool to draw known fiber lines (third party/competitor/owned). If owned, attach them to devices on the network.
  • Possibility to place competing sites/radios and their used bands
  • Place sites surveys data points (Location, third party bands used and strenght of signal)
  • Airlink and UNMS should at some point be connected, to get devices status on map.


Thanks for reading !


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Re: Suggestion : The road to the perfect Mapping tool

Thanks for the feedback @Altheran.


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Re: Suggestion : The road to the perfect Mapping tool

@Altheran, thank you for your feedback fully charged by great ideas. We will consider them and hopefully many of them will be implemented to the airLink.