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Best RTS/Fragmentation Threshold??

What are the best settings for
RTS Threshold:
Fragmentation Threshold:


Ive been using


but that seems to slow people down way too much

What settings are you guys using?

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Re: Best RTS/Fragmentation Threshold??

I use rts 256 and no Frag
frag seemsto really bog up if there are multiple Pcs
behind the client radio ( i suspect its just too much cpu overhead)

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Re: Best RTS/Fragmentation Threshold??

We are having issues here at night only when the amount of users/traffic increases. At first we thought there was a network loop, but we checked all the cabling. We know its not a bandwidth issue.

We have Rocket M5's on the tower bridging to NSM5's at each building on the base. Then inside each building we have 2 to 4 NS2's.

We have RTS and Fragmentation set to OFF.

Some buildings work fine, some dont. All setting on the NS2's are the same.

Any assistance would be appreciated.

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Re: Best RTS/Fragmentation Threshold??

We've used RTS 256, no fragmentation since our early Engenius CB3 days and it's worked well. Now almost 100% Ubiquiti.